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  • How to safely find Weed in Seville

    March 16, 2022 4 min read

    How to safely find Weed in Seville

    How to safely find weed in Seville

    There are many different ways to find cannabis in Seville, Spain. In this article, we will show you the different ways, what you have to be careful about, and give you direct access to our partnered Cannabis Social Clubs.
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    Is weed legal in Seville?

    This is a long and complicated topic, but to make it easy for you; No, weed is generally not legal in Seville but since Spain has some interesting laws around cannabis, it is definitely more tolerable than most other places in the world.

    In Spain, you can legally grow your own weed in a private area and consume it in private as well. Spain also allows so-called “Private Cannabis Social Clubs” which allows one to safely find weed and also consume it within the premise. More about this topic is below.


    What is a Private Cannabis Social Club and how does it work?

    As briefly explained above, Spain has some pretty cool laws about consuming cannabis.

    A Private Cannabis Social Club is a private club, where one can get weed and also consume it within the premise freely. Social Clubs are usually quite nice areas with many attractions like games, TVs, lounges, work desks, concerts, DJs, bars, comedy nights, and much more. The members of the Social Club usually pay a membership fee of approx 20€ per year and can enter the club whenever they want during the opening times.

    Social Clubs usually have a large variety of different weed which you can choose from.


    How can I join a private cannabis social club in Seville?

    Sice Weed Social Clubs are private clubs, not anyone can just freely enter the club. Depending on the club’s rules, you need to be recommended by one or more members which need to accompany you to the Social Club and introduce you. If the Private Club accepts you, you have to pay a membership fee of approx. 20€ and you get a members card with which you get access to the club.

    But what if I don’t know anyone who can introduce me?

    That’s where it becomes interesting. Since the clubs will not let you in if you come knocking on their doors, you need to find a different way to get accepted as a member. There are many different ways people try to get in touch with the clubs, but if you ask us, we recommend you to buy a Social Club Fast Track Pass since it is the easiest, safest and fastest way to get a membership without an extra cost.

    Some people like to text the Social Club via Instagram and send them an email. In most cases, the clubs won’t answer you or they will not let you in. This process costs you a lot of time and energy. In addition to that, you could be getting into a Social Club which does not have the appropriate government license and it could become quite dangerous for you.

    Step 1: Purchase our Fast-Track Pass for Seville

    Step 2: Follow the rules and steps in the confirmation Ticket / Email

    Step 3: Go to the club and bring your valid personal ID

    Step 4: Show the receptionist the Pass / Confirmation Email

    What is a Social Club Fast Track Pass?

    A Social Club Fast Track Pass is basically an introduction to a Private Cannabis Social Club, provided by a Spanish Company called El Capitan”. The Fast Track Pass costs 20€ which is basically the membership fee which the Social Club normally charges. If you purchase a Fast Track Pass, you will not have to pay a membership fee with the Social Club.

    Once you buy a Fast Track Pass, you will get an Introduction email with the guidelines on how to behave when you visit the Social Club. If you do not follow the guidelines it could happen, that the Social Club will deny your entry which leads to you losing the 20€. Guidelines include topics like not showing up drunk or on drugs to the Social Club, not dressing appropriately, or not being polite with the staff.

    Buy a Cannabis Social Club Fast Track Pass here

    Should I buy weed from a street dealer in Seville?

    This one is easy to answer, NO! Don’t buy weed from a street dealer in Spain. There’s literally no reason for you to buy cannabis on the streets since you can buy it legally in Social Clubs. The weed which they sell you on the streets is usually spiked with chemicals and can sometimes be quite dangerous. In general, if people on the street try to promote weed or a Social Club, don’t follow them. Legal Cannabis Social Clubs are not allowed to have street promoters, so if you do follow a promoter, he is going to lead you into an overpriced illegal Social Club lookalike.

    Which Cannabis Social Club is the best in Seville?

    In our opinion, there is no best or worst Cannabis Social Club. It really depends on your taste and style. There are many Cannabis Social Clubs and they all have their own style and different attractions. Some clubs are more elegant than others and offer great places to sit and work. Some clubs focus more on music and often have live bands, DJs playing. There are also Social Clubs that focus more on games and entertainment, they usually have lots of pool tables, PlayStations, darts, and so on. So in the end it really comes down to what you are looking for. We have a couple of Cannabis Social Clubs in Seville with which we closely work together. Have a look at our Social Club Map and go visit one of the Clubs! Say “Hi” from El Capitan.

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