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Find Cannabis in Tenerife | Join Cannabis Club Tenerife

Find Cannabis in Tenerife | Join Cannabis Club Tenerife

Find Cannabis Tenerife | Join Cannabis Club Tenerife


Cannabis in Tenerife

Spain has a slightly more open-minded approach to marijuana than other countries. You are permitted to grow one plant per person in your home. The smell of the plants should not cause any disturbance to neighbors in the area. Spain also accepts the existence of social clubs in which weed can be freely consumed. These social clubs can often be called cannabis social clubs, weed clubs, or coffee shops by tourists and locals. 

What is a cannabis club in Tenerife 

A cannabis social club is an exclusive members club where you can purchase and consume cannabis openly. The majority of cannabis social clubs feature a lively interior. The club may have fun games, PlayStations, comfortable lounges, and regular DJs. Additionally, some clubs are pet friendly and even provide brunch for special occasions.  


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How to join a cannabis social club in Tenerife

Sometimes, joining cannabis social clubs can be difficult. El Capitan has an easy solution. 

A recommendation and introduction from at least one other member is required in order to be allowed to join a cannabis social club. If you get approval from the club, you can become a member on the spot. You will need to pay an average fee of around 20 EUR per year.

Social clubs have a more underground atmosphere so you will need an introduction to a member before being allowed to enter. You may be visiting Tenerife for just a few days and want to join a club that offers good green. Unfortunately, you don’t know anyone living on the island. El Capitan will take care of the whole process so you don't have to waste time looking for a club or a local. Click here to order a Fast Track Pass online from El Capitan. A Fast-Track card allows you to request a recommendation, just as if it were a friend.


Below is the Step by Step Guide on how to join Tenerife’s cannabis social clubs

Step 1 - Purchase a cannabis Social Club Fast Track Pass

Step 2 - Refer to the email receipt ticket/email to review the steps & guidelines

Step 3 - Bring your ID to the club

Step 4 - Show the receptionist the confirmation card or ticket.

Social Cannabis Club rules in Tenerife

  • Do not take any bags or suitcases. Try to look local.
  • You shouldn't arrive with any alcohol or other drugs.
  • Do not bring your rented tourist bicycles.
  • Be kind and respectful of everyone in the club.
  • You should not bring large numbers of people, especially if you are not a member or have not been invited.
  • Cash is essential!

Coffee Shops that have weed in Tenerife 

When you think of coffee shops, you think of Amsterdam. Social clubs in Spain are comparable in a way. However, social clubs present themselves with a more discrete and secret vibe. You are not going to see huge neon signs advertising these clubs. Also, many locals and tourists refer to social clubs as coffee shops in Spain. In most of these social clubs, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and even use your laptop to complete some work. If you don’t feel like working, just go in and enjoy a nice joint or edible to relax. Lastly, Tenerife is a perfect spot to smoke some cannabis after a great swim.

How to get weed in Tenerife

Smoking weed on a Spanish island sounds like true paradise. This paradise can actually be a reality when you visit this beautiful island. It is quite simple to find cannabis in Tenerife. Instead of the Amsterdam-based weed cafes, social clubs are available in Spain. You will hear tourists and locals call them coffee shops as stated before.One of the best ways to smoke pot is to join one or more social clubs around the island of Tenerife. Many people don't know that Spain has a gray zone for legalizing marijuana due to the fact the government does not want to market or promote weed. 

Cannabis social club membership

Without a membership, it's illegal for tourists to enter. Although you may be able to find marijuana on the streets, it is not advised. First, potency and validity are not as high as what you'd get inside a social club. You will get the highest quality of weed when you join a legit club. You also run the risk of being arrested if you purchase marijuana on the streets. To reap the full benefits of social clubs, you will need to become a member.

Buying weed from a Tenerife Street Vendor or Dealer

No!!! Don’t do it!!!  Every year, numerous tourists are taken to the hospital after they smoke weed from unknown street sellers. Sometimes, marijuana can contain other drugs that can make it extremely life threatening if you smoke it.  Don't buy marijuana directly from street vendors and don't follow street sellers to a club. These social clubs are illegal and dangerous 100% of the time. You can easily purchase a Fast-Track Pass and enjoy legal marijuana without worry or stress. El Capitan knows the significance of staying safe and smoking safe cannabis.

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