El Capitan announces Partnership with Online Head Shop: Healthy Garden.

October 21, 2020 1 min read

El Capitan announces Partnership with Online Head Shop: Healthy Garden. - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

In the market since March 2019 and led by Johannes Müller-Lahn, Dominik Sperling and Oliver Peikert and based in Hamburg, Healthy Garden has built a loyal customer base and is standing out for it’s high quality products as well as high standards in logistics and customer support. 

Beginning soon, Healthy Garden will offer its customers a variety of el Capitan products like Activated Charcoal Filters and the innovative Card Grinder. 

Both parties are committed to continuously expand the collaboration and supplying the German market with innovative products.  

A full profile on Healthy Garden, their mission & vision can be found in our Blog here:
Healthygarden: Changing the Game of Cannabis Gadgets in Germany

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